Pension Plan Repair Center

If you have a problem with your retirement plan,
chances are, we can help.

As a recognized expert in both qualified and nonqualified retirement plans, we are often asked by CPAs, attorneys and other advisors to help correct problems with their clients’ plans. We are experienced in resolving preexisting issues with the IRS and Department of Labor. And we know how to adjust design, documentation, funding and investment policies to bring problem plans into compliance. In the process, we can help protect business owners and plan sponsors from unnecessary liability and expense.

In recent years, defined benefit plans have been particularly chaotic. Losses in equity markets combined with dramatically low interest rates have significantly increased funding requirements, often in the face of uncertain business revenues. As a result, most traditional defined benefit plans are in a wind-down mode. We are well-versed in developing and formalizing alternative strategies that protect and enhance the current and future needs of owners and participants.

Throughout the process, we work closely with the owner, CPA, legal, tax and investment advisors. Our consultive approach is designed to anticipate tax, regulatory and business issues that may impact the plan – positively or negatively – then recommend appropriate actions.